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The Gap Concept and the Sandwich Effect: The Foundations for Poker Strategies

Known as a renowned and challenging card game wherein strategic and mentally-skilled players win or succeed, poker is enticing that it captivated the hearts and captured the interest of many gamblers which later on led to the creation of several variations like Omaha, razz and Texas Holdem. Even if there are variations of poker that can be played in casinos, there are still people who prefer playing traditional poker, which is believed to be similar with Omaha and Texas Holdem. To ensure better chances in real games, poker players should have a background on the most reliable and effective poker strategies.

To successfully employ poker strategies in the game, it is necessary that players have a background on the concepts that are believed to be foundations for poker strategies. These concepts should be understood by players who are interested in improving their bankroll by constantly winning in actual games. The concepts are not complicated so amateurs will not have a hard time learning them.

According to experienced gamblers, the gap concept and the sandwich effect are the foundations for poker strategies. Learning the concepts is crucial to ensure that players can efficiently apply the strategies in actual games. The concepts are also important because they can be used by players as basis for making decisions which strategy is best to use in a particular game.

Betting and poker hands are elements of the game that are significant to understand the gap concept. Based on the gap concept, players should have a stronger poker hand in order to play with the person in the poker table who initiated a raise in the bet. This concept also shows that players should prevent re-raising with those who have established a good impression that they have dominant hands. However, the most effective way of ensuring the hands held by other players is a dominant hand is by deciding to call.

On the other hand, the sandwich effect believes that poker gamblers should get a dominant hand in order to stay up to the later stages of the game. In this case, players may resort to re-raising as a way to appropriately check or predict their pot odds.

The gap concept and the sandwich effect became the basis why professionals agreed that poker strategies would surely affect their chances in a game. By understanding these concepts, players would have an idea about the situations wherein the appropriate application of poker strategies is important.

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